Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The Uniplaces Scholarship Campaign

The following terms and conditions are for students applying to the Uniplaces Scholarship:

Terms & Conditions

  1. The following terms and conditions apply to the Uniplaces Scholarship which will run from Tuesday 12th April 2016 to Friday July 15th 2016.
  2. Applicants for the Uniplaces Scholarship will be deemed to have understood these terms and conditions and, upon submitting their application and any form of media, will be bound by them.
  3. These terms and conditions are available upon request at anytime during the Uniplaces Scholarship.

Details of the Uniplaces Scholarship

  1. To celebrate launching the Uniplaces Scholarship, fifteen students will be in with the chance to have their accommodation paid for up to a maximum value of €2,000, during any academic term throughout the 2016-2017 academic year.
  2. To be in with a chance to have their accommodation costs paid for through the scholarship, students will need to interact with a student and then share that on the Uniplaces Scholarship platform at
  3. All Candidates are required to access the Uniplaces scholarship microsite URL and set up a profile by registering with all the necessary information..
  4. Following registration, participants must record their interaction helping out an student, using any form of media they prefer.
  5. This action has to be shared on the Uniplaces Scholarship profile. Visitors, friends, family, and other students can ‘vote’ for their favourite applications.
  6. The winners will be selected by a Jury panel of 5-6, rewarding:
    • authenticity - applications that doesn’t seem faked or too forceful
    • originality - the more creative the application, the better
    • bonus points are attributed to candidates who reach impact a wider number of students
    • in case of a tie, the number of votes will help the jury decide which participants win the Scholarship
  7. Applicants must not submit plagiarised content to the Uniplaces Scholarship.
  8. Participants can set up a profile page to submit their entry where anyone around the world will be able to ‘vote’ on the applications they like best.
  9. Uniplaces will have access to moderate all content and comments made on the Uniplaces scholarship microsite.
  10. Uniplaces will reserve the right to remove any content submitted to the microsite deemed as inappropriate.
  11. Uniplaces will reserve the right to use any content or emails submitted to the Uniplaces Scholarship initiative for PR and marketing purposes.
  12. Uniplaces will reserve the right to use and share any data submitted to the Uniplaces scholarship campaign including name, email and student number.
  13. Uniplaces may feature your interview/photo/profile/video/story on the Uniplaces website and microsite along with any other Uniplaces publications and social media platforms.
  14. An application to the Uniplaces Scholarship will only be deemed complete once at least one form of media has been submitted to record the experience.
  15. Final applications must be submitted by Friday July 15th 2016.
  16. All applications submitted up to and including Friday July 15th will be considered final and complete at the closing of that day and no changes will be accepted after that.
  17. Uniplaces will pay the landlords of the 15 winners of the Uniplaces Scholarship directly. An invoice is required from all the respective landlords.
  18. The 15 winners of the Uniplaces Scholarship will be announced on Thursday 30th July 2016.
  19. Funding deadlines are strictly adhered to and any applications received after the deadline will not be accepted.
  20. Each winner must return a completed scholarship acceptance form by the given deadline. Uniplaces reserves the right to withdraw the offer of a scholarship if it is not accepted by the given deadline.
  21. Winners must inform Uniplaces of any other scholarships/sponsorship currently held or awarded at a later date. The Uniplaces Scholarship may be adjusted or withdrawn if other sources of funding have been awarded.
  22. The Uniplaces Scholarship is not available as a cash alternative.
  23. Winners must agree to act in an ambassadorial capacity for the Uniplaces scholarship campaign and agree to Uniplaces contacting you for an interview of how the scholarship has influenced your experience at university and you will need to provide a high resolution image to be used for marketing purposes.
  24. Uniplaces may at any time at their discretion, withdraw or recover an award for breach of any of the above conditions.


  1. Entry is restricted to one entry per person; duplicate entries will be removed.
  2. Applicants must have been registered as an undergraduate or postgraduate student (full-time or part-time) in 2015 or 2016 to apply.
  3. Applicants applying to the scholarship can be from anywhere in the world.
  4. Applicants must provide proof of student ID when applying to the competition in the form of a NUS or registered student card number and/or proof of enrollment.


  1. Uniplaces accept no responsibility for content filmed or content submitted to the Uniplaces scholarship microsite.